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Like Crack

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The Burning Bus

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Married and Waiting

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The Firebrand Four

The Team

I used to write bios for a living. You'd think with all my years of practice, I would be prepared by now to dispense a life-altering wordstorm of self-deprecating, self-aggrandizing perfection. But alas, no. I have given it up. That said, if you are a talented individual and would like to join us, have your people call our people.

QUESTIONS?Yes, indeed


Permission To Glow

PTG is my upcoming YouTube channel, updated semi-somewhat weekly. It's not quite out of the oven, yet, but it will be focused on prodigies like yourself. Like myself. I think we all have incredible abilities, our own special brand of genius—something like superpowers, you might say. But many of us have settled into our mild-mannered alter egos, waiting for permission to really show out. That's what PTG is about. We are still training the elves, and tweaking the content. But in the meantime, enjoy some test footage!

Test .:. Drumline


Test .:. Spaghetti Monster


If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.



So, what exactly is a firebrand? I think you made that up.
The dictionary defines a firebrand as “a person who stirs up trouble or kindles a revolt.” So, let’s go with that. Plus, its name sounds a bit like mine. Bonus!
I love the new look, but where did the old blog posts go?
Fresh starts are fresher when you let a few things go. I considered throwing all the old stuff out, but I am way too sentimental and also not crazy. Some of them may resurface one day.
Okay, I get that. But where are all of your e-courses?
They’re also put away for right now, to make room for some new projects I’m freaking stoked about—like the YouTube channel!
YouTube channel? Woot! When does that start?
Our elves are hard at work, and we have a running start, but no set date, yet. When we do, though, you’ll be the first to know.

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