TLP: Episode 37

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We are just getting started, 2019. So we can’t not talk about decluttering.


In this episode, I talk about some of the emotional baggage that I have carried that has made it difficult for me to get on the Marie Kondo train. However, after this episode went live, I came across an article I’ll link below that shifted my perspective a lot and made me reconsider this whole sparking joy phenomenon. I think that if I had read the article before I recorded the episode, I would have perhaps gone about it differently. However, the big takeaway from this episode is that it’s okay to be a mess sometimes, or all of the time. We’re allowed to be where we are.
Here’s the article that changed how I think about all of this! Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for listening! Throwing Light is for people who believe in the restoration and healing of the world and who aren’t hung up on outdated dogma that seeks to dictate what that’s supposed to look like. I’m interested in connecting with people who seek healing and restoration for themselves and the world and who are paying attention in micro and macro ways that they can see it happening in real time. I promise that engaging with this podcast will help you on your healing journey and move you toward your greater purpose.
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