TLP: Episode 36

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Alright, friends. This one’s a doozy.


On April 21st, 2018, after one of the scariest nights of my life, I made the decision to quit drinking—for good. This is that story. Not only what happened that inspired me to choose sobriety, but also how I did it—how I’m doing it: the tools and resources that made this new freedom possible.
That night wasn’t the first time I’d questioned whether drinking was benefiting me. If I’m honest, I think I’ve been asking this question since at least 2014. That means it took four years of internal conflict and cognitive dissonance to finally make the leap. During that time, notably, my drinking didn’t get worse. But, more importantly, it didn’t make my life any better.
For a long time I didn’t quit because I didn’t want to be *that person* who people pitied because she was dry. I also couldn’t fathom going the rest of my life without a glass of wine.
Nine months later, it feels like undiluted freedom. I’m clear headed and happy, racing toward my goals and feeling oh so aligned with this strange path I’ve chosen that seeks to share weird spiritual wisdom with everyone I meet. Here are the resources that helped me make that happen:


Thank you for listening! Throwing Light is for people who believe in the restoration and healing of the world and who aren’t hung up on outdated dogma that seeks to dictate what that’s supposed to look like. I’m interested in connecting with people who seek healing and restoration for themselves and the world and who are paying attention in micro and macro ways that they can see it happening in real time. I promise that engaging with this podcast will help you on your healing journey and move you toward your greater purpose.
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