TLP: Episode 34

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Merry everything and a happy always!


We made it. Through the joy and the stress and the family drama. And now we get to look forward to 2019. And there’s something about it. It just feels like it’s going to be a good year.
And I’m stoked to end 2018 with this interview. Jenipher Lyn and I met online in a group Michelle Ward created years ago called the When I Grow Up Clubhouse. In 2013 (ish) I ran an online class for the Christian season of Lent called Be and asked Jen to teach a week of the course. Over time, we began to realize that we had a lot in common (like tons of anxious energy and a passion for creating something bigger than ourselves) and began to Skype every few weeks. The rest, I guess, is history.
In this episode, we talk about finding our purpose, oversharing, and the annoying need to make it work as workaholic passion people. Jen shares vulnerably about intense anxiety she had while she was pregnant and what running a business looks like after having a baby. We talk about how we gained confidence as moms and as humans.
Here are this week’s show notes! And if you have a tween girl in your life, please go forth a preorder Jen’s amazingly beautiful book!


Thank you for listening! Throwing Light is for people who believe in the restoration and healing of the world and who aren’t hung up on outdated dogma that seeks to dictate what that’s supposed to look like. I’m interested in connecting with people who seek healing and restoration for themselves and the world and who are paying attention in micro and macro ways that they can see it happening in real time. I promise that engaging with this podcast will help you on your healing journey and move you toward your greater purpose.
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