TLP: Episode 24

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Hello, friend. So glad you’re here! If you’re feeling stressed right now, this one’s for you.


This episode is all about STRESS. I’m a little obsessed with Kelly McGonigal. I mean, but seriously, how can you not love the real, live Professor McGonigal?? #goals
The research of stress is far too dense for me to cover it all, even in an hour long podcast, let alone a 7 Minute Book Club (which I stretched to 9 minutes because it’s my podcast so I get to make the rules). But in this episode, I share three major findings of that research that I hope will brighten your day and improve your life. Would love to hear what you think! Also share a little bit about my DRINKS* offering (link below). If you want a reading to ring in the New Year, I still have five spots available. As always, if you would like to learn more, click around on the links below!


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