TLP: Episode 19

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Get ready, friends. It’s time to geek out on some obscure psychological research! Are you as excited as I am?


Before we get into the actual show notes, a word about the caveats at the beginning. I lurve spiral dynamics with a passion that is undeniable. BUT. I couldn’t share the pure results of my research with you without mentioning in the podcast some of the issues that came up around racism and sexism. If you would like to know more, you can email me at That said, I still wholeheartedly believe the SD model has merit. And so, onward!
If you’ve never heard of Spiral Dynamics, check out the visuals the Liturgists created below. They are so good! In fact, I put the Liturgist’s podcast at the top of the line-up because it was arguably my favorite. In the podcast, I use the term “meme” to describe the different levels. The Liturgists offer the best explanation of what the heck a meme is. Also, they have really groovy sound effects.


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