TLP: Episode 17

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Happy September! How is it September already? How the heck are you?


Are you starting back to school or work? Are your kids? Yesterday, my son started kindergarten; my daughter started 10th grade; and I started grad school! Whew. I’m so exhausted and behind on all the things but trying not let the overwhelm get me down. I’ve got this ((you do, too)).
School is amazing, though! It’ll take me a few weeks to find my bearings and create good habits, but I’ll get there. And until then, I’ll slog through. #bringit
If you’re feeling the pressure to get your back-to-school shit together, too, then this episode is for you. It is a permission slip, of sorts. Because everybody needs a hall pass sometimes. As always, if you want to dive deeper into all the weird and wonderful stuff I spoke about, here are this week’s show notes.


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