TLP: Episode 13

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Hello! I hope your day is going swimmingly. And I hope this episode brightens it, at least a little!


Last week we talked about sex, so it only makes sense that this week, we’re talking about manifesting, right?
Also! I forgot to mention a new development happening with the podcast! I created a Patreon account! It’s kind of like a virtual tip jar. If you’re digging Throwing Light, you can sign up to contribute a few dollars a month. And when you do, you’ll get really cool things in return! As always, if you want to dive deeper into all the weird, wonderful stuff I spoke about, here are this week’s show notes.


Enjoy, and thank you for listening! If you are intrigued by the conversation and want to chime in with your own two cents, I would very much love that. Tweet me @brandyglows and let me know what struck you. Also, join us in the Facebook group!


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