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Occasionally people look at my life and notice that I’m juggling precisely 82 projects at once. This usually prompts them to give me sad eyes and slowly back away. Sometimes, they’ll stick around long enough to ask how I do it all. But I must confess, I don’t.

I am what you could call “multi-passionate.” I’m known for being scattered. I know that doing all the things at once is at least part of the reason I’m not where I’d hoped I’d be five years into this dream. That’s okay. I’ve learned a lot and had one helluva time—and I’m still at it, so that’s something.
The common wisdom for wayward souls like me—“Just laser focus on one thing,”—has never worked. I wish it would. But it usually just depresses me. Instead, I try to do these three things.
1. NARROW IT DOWN. I get as focused as I can. Right now, that means starting a YouTube channel, building a coaching practice, and creating an online class. And I order them in terms of priority so that I am doing all of them, but I’m not doing all of them at once.
2. BE PRESENT. Honestly, I suck at this one. Here’s the general idea: when I am filming B-roll for the channel, I am only filming B-roll; when I am creating content for my class, I am doing only that. Even more important for a workaholic like me are the non-work focuses: when I am playing with my son, I am only playing with him. While cooking dinner, I try not to be growing my Instagram following. It’s a work in progress.
3. WAIT A WEEK. I like to sit with a new idea for at least a week. To accomplish that, I run everything by my business partner/husband. He rocks at laser focus. He keeps me grounded. And for a dreamer like myself, the ground can be good.

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