TLP: Episode 22

Posted by | November 21

And speaking of problematic American history that needs to be remembered . . .

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TLP: Episode 21

Posted by | November 4

Because in this strange world we live in of consumerism and patriarchy, if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’re doing something wrong.

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TLP: Episode 20

Posted by | October 15

I am delighted to share this episode with you! It’s an introduction to a movement that I have been learning about for a while called Effective Altruism.

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TLP: Episode 19

Posted by | October 1

Get ready, friends. It’s time to geek out on some obscure psychological research! Are you as excited as I am?

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TLP: Episode 18

Posted by | September 16

A cool conversation with my kid about atheism and belief and God and good and evil.

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TLP: Episode 17

Posted by | September 6

What if we chose our parents, our bodies, our lives? What if belief matters, but not in the way we think?

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TLP: Episode 16

Posted by | August 20

I had a different episode planned for this week. But then Charlottesville happened and I couldn’t not say something.

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TLP: Episode 15

Posted by | August 3

Last week a tweet really set me off. It wasn’t even directed to me. But it was full of ignorance and bigotry by a person of privilege who should know better.

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TLP: Episode 14

Posted by | July 24

But if you are feeling a bit anxious, especially when you look at the state of our political landscape, then this episode is for you!

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TLP: Episode 13

Posted by | July 6

If you don’t know what manifesting is, that’s okay! It’s all explained in this episode. Along with a very ramble-y preface detailing what I believe about God and why I don’t think I’m damned for wanting the things I want.

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