What I’m Not

Posted by | January 5

And so, I’m stoked. I am excited to go and do the work that is mine to do. Which, it turns out, includes talking about myself!

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The Bitch Seat

Posted by | December 29

What do I need to let go of? What do I NOT want to bring into 2017?

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Artistic Differences

Posted by | December 7

Did I mention that I have struggled with addiction and abuse and low self-esteem in the past? That’s going to be important later.

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Just Rest

Posted by | July 7

As your mind wanders to the soldiers on the front lines of a war they did not sign up for, May you find the strength to keep going, even if it feels like there’s nowhere to go.

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Posted by | January 25

The common wisdom for wayward souls like me—“Just laser focus on one thing,”—has never worked. I wish it would.

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Posted by | January 20

But telling other people, “By the way, all that horrible stuff you were born into, there’s a chance you chose it,” sounded like some foolishness.

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Posted by | January 7

This may be the real dig of modesty culture. It’s a power play, designed to absolve men of guilt, and condemn women.

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Like Crack

Posted by | September 10

Likes are like crack for people like me. I don’t like how much I like being liked.

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The Burning Bus

Posted by | July 22

I was an unwitting passenger on a burning bus. But now that I suddenly know where I’m seated, I can look around—pay better attention.

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Married and Waiting

Posted by | June 5

Being an empath is weird. When a person is mad or sad or elated, I feel those feelings. As if they were my own.

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