TLP: Episode 15 + Show Notes

Posted by | August 3

Last week a tweet really set me off. It wasn’t even directed to me. But it was full of ignorance and bigotry by a person of privilege who should know better.

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TLP: Episode 14 + Show Notes

Posted by | July 24

But if you are feeling a bit anxious, especially when you look at the state of our political landscape, then this episode is for you!

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TLP: Episode 13 + Show Notes

Posted by | July 6

If you don’t know what manifesting is, that’s okay! It’s all explained in this episode. Along with a very ramble-y preface detailing what I believe about God and why I don’t think I’m damned for wanting the things I want.

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TLP: Episode 12 + Show Notes

Posted by | June 23

Oh my goodness have we got a good one for you tonight, folks. Very excited to share this latest episode (no pun intended).

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Patreon-ize Me

Posted by | June 15

Welcome to the new theatre! If you support me (even just $3 a month!) then you’re a patron of my art. BOOM. It also means I am spittingly grateful for you.

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TLP: Episode 11 + Show Notes

Posted by | June 8

This episode is a short and sweet Lightbulb Moment that digs a little bit further into Amanda Palmer’s work and discusses how to ask without being an askhole.

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TLP: Episode 10 + Show Notes

Posted by | May 25

This is my wheelhouse. I could talk about this kind of stuff all day. And I do!

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TLP: Episode 9 + Show Notes

Posted by | May 15

In 1988, Dr. Peggy McIntosh wrote an article about white privilege and male privilege. Nearly 30 years later, it’s more relevant than ever.

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TLP: Episode 8 + Show Notes

Posted by | April 27

What does it mean to throw light? Think random acts of kindness meets learning and sharing really interesting ways of looking at the world.

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TLP: Week 7 + Show Notes

Posted by | April 13

In lieu of a full episode this week, I’ve created a sweet little cookie I call the Seven Minute Book Club. Kind of like Seven Minutes in Heaven for nerds.

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