TLP: Week 7 + Show Notes

Posted by | April 13

In lieu of a full episode this week, I’ve created a sweet little cookie I call the Seven Minute Book Club. Kind of like Seven Minutes in Heaven for nerds.

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TLP: Week 6 + Show Notes

Posted by | April 4

This one is a doozy. I polled a couple friends on Facebook about which episode I should do next. This one won! And it’s short, but it packs a punch.

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TLP: Week 5 + Show Notes

Posted by | March 31

This one was kind of cool to listen back to because when I recorded it, I hadn’t made it into grad school. I was afraid I wouldn’t.

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TLP: Week 4 + Show Notes

Posted by | March 23

I was so excited about this when I originally recorded it, it ended up being almost an hour long. Tweet me @brandyglows!

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TLP: Week 3 + Show Notes

Posted by | March 14

How do you handle being wrong? Do you want to get better at being wrong? What comes up when you think about it? Tweet me @brandyglows, let’s discuss.

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TLP: Week 2 + Show Notes

Posted by | March 8

This is a heavy one, so we’ll chase it with a fancy, dance-y Tricia Miranda video. Tweet me @brandyglows, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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TLP: Week 1 + Show Notes

Posted by | February 28

Poets, Prostitutes, and Preachers. Also my first Light Bulb Moment. Tweet me @brandyglows to discuss!

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What I’m Not

Posted by | January 5

And so, I’m stoked. I am excited to go and do the work that is mine to do. Which, it turns out, includes talking about myself!

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The Bitch Seat

Posted by | December 29

What do I need to let go of? What do I NOT want to bring into 2017?

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Artistic Differences

Posted by | December 7

Did I mention that I have struggled with addiction and abuse and low self-esteem in the past? That’s going to be important later.

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